ati 6.7.197 soon

Please test ati git master ASAP and report any problems on IRC or the ati ML, as I’m planning to make a release in the next couple days.  We’ve fixed quite a few bugs since the last release and there has been a lot of changes, so I’d like to make sure this is a solid release.  Some of the things you can expect in 6.7.197 when it’s released:

- improved pll handing

- better lid status support on Linux

- EXA transforms are fixed so rotation is fast on r1xx/r2xx with EXA

- improved support for more Mac cards

-  cursor rotation fixes

- lots of bug fixes

Please test now!!!

9 Responses to “ati 6.7.197 soon”

  1. lk Says:

    Testing, testing — looks fine. ;) Any chances for EXA speedup and Render Accel for r3xx/r4xx?

  2. agd5f Says:

    not for 6.7.197, maybe later :)

  3. Zajec Says:

    Is ati driver going to use EXA by default? As far as I know, currently it needs to be enabled manually in xorg.conf.

  4. Xav Says:

    I’ll test it. Is it intended to fix the regular lockups when using 3D on r3xx ?

  5. chivustochesia Says:

    @Xav: in my experience, the combination of xf86-video-ati 6.7, mesa 7 and xserver 1.4 fixed all the lockup problems I had with my rv370. Even compiz has been rock stable in the last 3 months.

  6. Stefano Says:

    in .196 xvidtune doesn’t work properly, it would be nice to have it in .197 :)

  7. Xav Says:

    @chivustochesia: then I have a trouble: I’m using debian sid+experimental (i.e. mesa 7.0.2, xserver 1.4.1~git20071212 and ati 6.7.196) with compiz on an rv370, and I experience lockups regularly - AFAICS mainly on operations requiring gpf memory allocations (i.e. resizes, etc.).

  8. Xav Says:

    I meant gfx instead of gpf …

  9. agd5f Says:

    XAA is still the default. xvidtune probably needs randr 1.2 support in order to work with the current driver (or any randr 1.2 aware driver for that matter).