ati 6.8.0 released

xf86-video-ati 6.8.0 is out!  All of the sub-drivers (mach64, r128, and radeon) have been ported to libpciaccess and George cleaned up the ati wrapper so each driver is completely stand-alone now.

Major changes:

- - mach64, r128, radeon ported to libpciaccess
- - massive restructuring of ati wrapper
- - radeon support for r5xx, rs6xx, and r6xx chips using ATOMBIOS
- - return of zaphod mode support
- - radeon support for centered modes using scalers (selectable via output attributes)
- - PAL tv-out fixed on supported chips
- - initial support for render accel on r3xx/r4xx chips (rotation)
- - fix TV option handling
- - Xv RGB fixes
- - XPRESS Xv fixes
- - improve bios/driver interaction on radeon
- - revert back to previous AGP mode behavior
- - lots of bug fixes

3 Responses to “ati 6.8.0 released”

  1. lk Says:

    Well, Alex — you need some captcha (but it’s, at least, on-topic spam) Btw: driver works well with AGP X700 and git Mesa/Xserver.

  2. prism Says:

    Any progress in supporting the infamous Xpress 200M, and its 3D acceleration?

  3. agd5f Says:

    I’m working on getting info out.