Radeon textured video pushed

I just committed support for textured video on radeon r1xx-r4xx.  r5xx is similar and will be supported soon, once the new fragment shader is sorted out.

Textured video uses the texture engine to display content and perform colorspace conversion.  It’s also composite friendly.

8 Responses to “Radeon textured video pushed”

  1. Torgeir Says:

    Is it tearing resistant as well?

  2. Giacomo Says:

    I’m seeing tearing here (on a RV370). But I’ve got a slightly tearing effect with pretty much everything, under compiz.
    Since I’m using “stable releases” for everything but the xf86-video-ati, I’ve got hope that mesa 7.1, the new drm and xorg 1.5 will improve the situation.
    BTW, today I installed a snapshot from mesa_7_0_branch and even if there’re only bugfixes it fixed some minor glitches I was having with compiz.

    It’s a great period for us ATI open source drivers’ users: I’m using ati cards with linux since 2001 and I can’t remember any other time in which things keep visibly improving every time you try a new release or grab a snapshot.

    You guys, agd5f, airlied, michael danzer, jerome glisse, ajax, and whoever I can’t remember now, are my heroes! :)

  3. gerthyddn Says:

    just tested the HEAD driver on an r200, and selecting ‘radeon textured video’ in gstreamer-properties results in a mostly-purple display of video. no other problems. ;)

  4. agd5f Says:

    Is this with the most recent git head?

  5. gerthyddn Says:

    yes, i just did a git pull this morning and tried again. same result.

    git-show-ref shows f7769ea86e265f347eb58c517ccb5ef8b35eec27 refs/heads/master

  6. T()oll Says:

    And what is with the HD 2400 XT?

  7. agd5f Says:

    The HD2400 XT is r6xx based, so no textured video support yet.

  8. agd5f Says:

    There is a hw bug on RV250 chips. The YUV->RGB texture conversion doesn’t work right so you end up with a purpleish hue.