Please test!

xf86-video-ati 6.11.0 is coming soon, please test ati git master and file bugs if you run into any air jordan 6 oakley sunglasses sale ray ban wayfarers

4 Responses to “Please test!”

  1. biff.tannen Says:

    It’s working fine on my RV530 on a MacBook Pro.

    There is however a regression over 6.10 (”OpenOffice toolbar button corruption [EXA, r500]”, caused by fa8e5a4fc236f8f15f462cb0d6164b194a65a118):

    and a regression over 6.9 (”screen corruption while loading X”, caused by 346228b20c69a965c9e7d67157f42c1d36a5b6c3):

  2. bridgman Says:

    If you’re running master then DRI support and acceleration for 6xx/7xx are not there. It probably shouldn’t crash but acceleration is not expected to work on your card either.

    The 6.11 release will come out of master so that’s definitely where agd5f is looking for test feedback.

    If you are running the 6xx-7xx-support branches of radeon and drm then both EXA and Xv acceleration should work.

  3. Nick Says:


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  4. ati video card Says:

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