r128/radeon merge

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on merging r128 into the radeon driver. This makes sense as the HW is 99% the same (at least on the display side). Right now I’ve got modesetting and MMIO based accel up and running. I should have DRI and Xv ported over shortly. What will this give us?

- randr 1.2 support for r128
- possibly tv-out support for r128 (depending on how similar the tv cell is)
- one code base
- better bios table support for r128
- no need to port r128 to pci-rework

Update: for those that are interested:

Update2: current status

- Xv works
- DDC is still flaky
- DRI initializes correctly, but 3D apps segfault

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12 Responses to “r128/radeon merge”

  1. Torgeir Says:

    Can you please also talk to Dave Airlie to ask if you can use his reverse engineering notes on how to do XvMC on radeons? It’s silly that this knowledge is now in the open, yet seems stuck since he’s too busy with other stuff.

  2. Zerias Says:

    Good news for owners of Rage128 hardware. Looking forward to the final builds.

  3. Ssl Says:

    Hi. Just hope that “one code base” means that suspend/resume will work for r128 cards (when dri is enabled) from now on?

  4. agd5f Says:

    not yet, but it shouldn’t be too much work to implement.

  5. silverpower Says:

    Will there be EXA support planned? I want to buy another G3 Powerbook to replace my dead one, but r128’s lack of acceleration wasn’t something I remember fondly.

  6. Rhys Says:

    I’m currently running the ATI driver compiled from sources obtained via the above GIT URL with X11R7.1 from Slackware 12.0. Hardware is a Rage128 XPERT (16Mb) AGP. A quick smoke test seems to suggest all is well. Can I be of assistance by doing some testsing (an automated test suite or similar)? I’ve also a Rage128 Pro of some sort floating around in box if that could be useful.

    Thanks for doing this work :-)

  7. Eigen_KKnull Says:

    hi, I have compiled your drivers, but I get “no devices detected”..
    I have this card:
    ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 PF/PRO AGP 4x TMDS

    If I use r128 drivers obviously all works correctly

    P.S: I used this method to use the drivers:
    -Compiled all from your git repo
    -Overwrite the original drivers in /usr/lib/xorg/ecc. whit yours.
    Is this correct?


  8. agd5f Says:

    make sure you check out the r128-merge branch after you clone my tree:
    git checkout r128-merge

    DDC is still a bit flaky on the merged driver and I haven’t tested TMDS yet.

  9. Eigen_KKnull Says:

    thanks for the support.

    I get this:
    [root@arch xf86-video-ati]# git-checkout r128-merge
    error: pathspec ‘r128-merge’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

    Well How can I resolve?

  10. agd5f Says:

    make sure you cloned the right repository:

  11. Eigen_KKnull Says:

    Yes, I used the right repo, and I diffed the 2 sources in your last post with the ones in the git repo, and they are identical.
    Here is the xorg log: http://rafb.net/p/2lyXyt50.html


  12. agd5f Says:

    yeah, that’s not the right branch.