Power saving

I’ve just pushed some basic power saving code for radeon.  I’ve unified and cleaned up the clock gating code (former option DynamicClocks) and changed the option to ClockGating to better reflect what it does.  In addition there is now a DynamicPM option that will reduce power usage when the computer is idle, and a ForceLowPowerMode option that forces a low power mode all the time.  See the updated radeon man page for more information.Oakley sunglasses Sweden nike air max cheap nike air dt max

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    […] wait…Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) This article was found on planet.freedesktop.org. Click here to visit the full article on the original website.I’ve just pushed some basic power saving code for radeon.  I’ve unified and cleaned up […]

  2. Erik Says:

    What generations of hardware is covered? Is there any idea to test this out on my old rv200 based dell laptop?

  3. agd5f Says:

    All radeons (r1xx-r7xx) chips are supported.

  4. James Le Cuirot Says:

    I’ve just tried this using the latest git on my 4670 (RV730XT) but the (very loud) fan still runs at full pelt. The new options were enabled according to the log but they didn’t seem to have any effect. I tried ClockGating and ForceLowPowerMode both individually and together. Maybe I’m expecting too much? If this is supposed to work already, I’ll file a bug so please let me know. Thanks for your efforts.

  5. agd5f » Blog Archive » radeon power management Says:

    […] these options (engine clock scaling, pcie lanes, and clockgating) with my recent power management changes.  xf86-video-radeonhd as also picked up support for engine clock scaling.  However fully dynamic […]